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Suthra Test is your best Online Testing partner with which you can Prepare candidates to perform extraordinarily with our user-friendly and interactive platform.

We provide real-time online exam software scenarios for GRE, GMAT, IIT JEE Main, Gate IAS, Banking & many more exams. Using our Suthra Test software you can create practice exams or high stakes exams using simple steps. You can create the topic wise test, subject wise test or full mock test series and students can analyze their marks just after submitting the exam.

Why choose Suthra test

Upload different types of questions

You can add multiple question types like objective or descriptive paper. Hence, it's useful to conduct exams where the student is supposed to type answers for verbal or descriptive questions. Also, the Student can know the answer to every question soon after the submission of the exam. The admin can even add multiple answer type questions.

Mock Tests

The success of each student for every exam depends on their preparation for each topic and practicing mock exams. We help you to provide mock tests for your students. If you want to digitize your examination process then Suthra Test is the right platform for you. We make possible to define the assessment for each topic/ subject/ subtopic.

Individual Analytical Report after every exam

Our system generates an individual analytical report based on the candidate's performance during the online exam. You can also get a detailed analysis of every student's topic wise performance.

Our Best Features

Batches Division

The admin can create batches where they can have a batch name, duration of the batch, course name and also the total number of students that are there in that particular batch. Here, the admin can get the complete student details, can conduct exams and can have a look at the list of exams taken so far.


Student Details

We get to know the complete student details easily and simply. The admin can view the students batch-wise in a single page. They can add the student name, contact number, email id, batch number, know their status (active or inactive) and even delete the student if they no longer exist.


Easy Exams

Our online examination system is compatible and hence Suthra Test software enables you to conduct exams in a very easy way. The admin can add the exam or drill topic wise or subject-wise. You can also give the explanatory answers for every individual question.



Duration of the test plays a key role for a student to analyze their status. We set the timer as per your requirements. That means, we can make the admin set duration for a complete exam and even for every single question.



The admin can add materials into their portal directly from their system where the student can make the best of these materials.


Analytics helps the students to know their percentage of marks after every successful exam. The admin can also know the progress of each student by looking at their analytics report.




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