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Welcome To Suthra MACS

Suthra MACS is the faster, reliable & higher-security Mutually aided co-operative society from Suthra Technologies. It is the robust and scalable platform that helps to automate all business processes of your firm on a single technology backbone.

We provide you the best Microfinance ERP software that can empower many SMEs & MSMEs to co-operative societies around the globe.



Customer Information

Customer information is the main thing that is to be maintained and should be updated accordingly. We provide you a different module so that you can easily store and maintain all your customer details.

Product Information

We help you to maintain all your products information that may include all types of loans that will be provided by you to all your ideal customers.

Status Of Loans

One can know the status of their loans easily by looking into this module. We make your customer job easy by providing detailed information about their loan status and also you can easily edit & update their loan status.


Business Rules

Every organization maintains a set of rules that everyone should know and follow them. Here, we provide you a space where you can store all your business rules that may include your company/Bank details, interest rates for every individual loan, processing charges etc.


We help you to maintain all the reports related to your company and the customers. We provide you to keep reports on Loan repayments, scheduling reports, Debit & Credit Vouchers, Due reports etc. You can add ā€œNā€ number of reports as we give the most customized module.


Savings is the best part where the customer mainly focuses on. Here you can mention the types of savings that you provide to your customers. Hence, through this module, the customer may know their savings amount, can calculate their savings interest, deposit amount etc.



Masters is the feature, where you can add all the information about your villages, centers, groups, members, members approval, field schedules, loan types etc. Here you can add additional information that you feel mandatory for your company and the customers.



We provide 24/7 support to our valuable customers.


We provide you the access of overall feature customization.


Gives you secure website hosting and loan amounts.


We understand our customer needs. Hence, to offer good customer service we deliver what we promise.

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